Friday, December 6, 2013

Humansville Boys Basketball Tournament Revised Schedule

Friday Games have been postponed.

Saturday Schedule:
7th place game: 11 am Humansville vs. Halfway
5th place game 12:30 pm Wheatland vs. Hermitage
Winner Semi-Finals
2:00 Walnut Grove vs. Dadeville
3:30 Fair Play vs. Everton

Monday December 9
3rd place game 5:30
1st place game 7:00

Steve Gallivan
7-12 Principal
Humansville High School

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday (12-5-13) Games postponed until Friday

Thursday nights games scheduled for the Humansville Boys Basketball Tournament have been postponed until Friday Night.

Friday Schedule:
Walnut Grove vs. Dadeville 5:30
Fair Play vs. Everton 7:00

Steve Gallivan
7-12 Principal
Humansville High School

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fwd: Lakeland XC medalist (Humansville)

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From: Shawn Brumfield
Date: Thursday, October 24, 2013
Subject: Lakeland XC medalist
To: Jayne Ramsey <>

Varsity boys 
Jacob Brown
Dustin Shoemaker
Allen Foley

Varsity girls
Sarah Kurpjeweit 
Memphis Coble
Alex Caban

JH Boys 
James Brown
Justin McDowell

JH Girls
Lilly White
Abby Burrow

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Humansville Results from the Humansville Invitational

Humansville Varsity Boys 1st Place PCL Conference
Humansville Varsity Girls 1st Place PCL Conference

All Conference Honors to the following...
Jacob Brown
Dustin Shoemaker
Allen Foley
Eric McDowell
Dakota Jones
Sarah Kurpjuweit
Memphis Coble
Alex Caban
Kristen Payne
Naviana Anderson

Junior High medalist include...
James Brown 12th Place
Lilly White 4th Place
Abby Burrow 6th Place

Junior Varsity Medalist
Ben Smith 10th Place

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ray Pec Cross Country Meett Results

Varsity Boys Small School Division

1st Place - Jacob Brown (17:20)
2nd Place - Dustin Shoemaker (18:02)

Varsity Girls Small School Division

8th Place - Sarah Kurpjeweit (20:51)
16th Place - Memphis Coble (22:05)

Junior Varsity Boys Small School Division

6th Place - Dakota Jones (20:19)
11th Place - Eric McDowell (21:12)
36th Place - Trey Brewer (25:19)

Junior Varsity Girls Small School Division

19th Place - Alex Caban (25:15)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Humansville XC place corrections

Memphis Coble was 18th
Dustin Shoemaker was 5th
Jacob Brown was 25th

All times were correct on the previous email. Read places wrong sorry for the inconvenience.

Humansville Cross Country Report

Strafford Invitational XC Meet 

Varsity Girls
Sarah Kurpjeweit - 20:15 (3rd) Medaled
Memphis Coble - 22:44 (16th) Medaled
Alex Caban - 24:20 (40th) Medaled
Aurora Martinez - 28:10 (Personal Best Time)

Varsity Boys 
Dustin Shoemaker - 17:29 (4th) Medaled
Jacob Brown - 18:56 (23rd) Medaled

JV Boys
Eric McDowell - 20:58 (12th) Medaled